As your financial quarterback, we will
help you to allocate your assets in the
most efficient ways based on your risk
tolerance and time horizon.
Your assets deserves to be
in the best possible position
Start Robo-Advisor
Quarterback offers most optimized asset
allocation portfolios by using a diverse
set of asset classes, regions,
countries and strategies.
Turning big data into value
Machine Learning + Big Data = Big Opportunity
쿼터백의 자산 배분 포트폴리오 ML은 기존의 정성적 협의 및 계량분석 전략의 한계를 극복하여
글로벌 투자상품의 리스크 팩터 선정 및 비중, 리밸런싱, 전략 로테이션, 글로벌 매크로에 관한 빅데이터를
통합하고 머신러닝 테크놀로지를 적용하여 투자자의 투자목표에 최적화된 포트폴리오를 제시합니다.
Back testing result shows that Quarterback’s ML Portfolio, has historically produced lower
volatility and higher returns than major equity indices and equal weighted portfolio.
Quarterback’s Robo-Advisor Asset Management Process
QB Model
Our automated algorithm helps you to
choose right investments based on
your risk tolerance and investment goal
ETF research
By classifying over 3,000 global ETFs
according to their asset class, risk,
region, style, strategy and etc, we
provide tools and strategies to invest
in ETFs
Mutual fund selections
We provide optimized portfolios based
on style asset allocation and fund style
analytics, to help overcome investors
reliance on advisors
Wealth Management
We offer complete new opportunity
for our clients to experience asset
allocation solutions, investment
strategy driven by big data and
machines learning technologies